Undergraduate Award Winners


(First Prize) Saketan Anand, Grinnell College. “The Impact of Rural Employment Guarantee on Circular Migration in India”


(First Prize) Pranjal Drall, Grinnell College. “Market Power in Airlines: Evidence from the Boeing 737 MAX Grounding”

(Honorable Mention) Preston  Boorsma, University of Dayton. “Proxied Measurement of Knowledge Diffusion from the Frontier: Analysis of Patent Citation Networks”

(Honorable Mention) Elizabeth Kula, St. Catherine University. “The Effect of Unemployment on the Decision to Enter the Illegal Ivory Trade”

(Honorable Mention) Isabel Pastoor, St. Catherine University. “Female Genital Mutilation and Women’s Empowerment in the Home: Evidence from Senegal”

(Honorable Mention) Esther Swehla, Macalaster College. “How Does the Minimum Wage Affect High School Enrollment?”


(First Prize) William Hancuch, University of Saint Thomas. “Parental Medicaid Expansions and Crowd-out: Evidence from Longitudinal Data and Insurance Transitions”

(Honorable Mention) Michael Cagle, University of Minnesota-Morris. “Pay Variability and Truck Driver Turnover”

(Honorable Mention) Skyler Schneekloth, Iowa State University. “Measuring and Explaining the Increasing Market Share of Large U.S. Farms, 1959-2012”


Katherine Beall, Lake Forest College, “Defined Contribution Plans and the 2008 Financial Crisis”


(First Prize) Jackie Craig, Miami University, “Estimating Inter-generational Mobility for Both Genders, 1880-1910”

(Second Prize) Noah Sebek, Grinnell College, “Body Cameras, Policing, and Crime: A Differences-in-Differences and Regression Discontinuity Approach”

Benjamin Goldman, Macalester College, “Are Methods of Indiscriminate Violence Subject to Rebound Effects? An Exploration of Drone Strike Efficacy”

Jinghao Yang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Patience and Altruism of Parents: Implications to Children’s Education Investment”

(First Prize) Margaret Hennessy, Lake Forest, “Germany’s 2007 Parental Leave Policy Reforms: Achieving a Healthy Work/Family Balance”

(Second Prize) Deepak Premkumar, Iowa State University, “The Effects of Potential Hospital Closings on the Quality and Proximity of Hospital Options for Rural Residents”

Lauren Lopez, Ohio State University, “Corruption and International Aid Allocation: A Complex Dance”

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