C. Woody Thompson Lecturers

2019 William Evans, University of Notre Dame
2018 Sergio Rebelo, Northwestern University
2017 Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago
2016 Marc Melitz, Harvard University
2015 Larry Jones, University of Minnesota
2014 Dennis Epple, Carnegie Melon University
2013 Samuel S. Kortum, Yale University
2012 Monica Piazzesi, Stanford University
2011 Joshua Angrist, MIT
2010 Douglas Diamond, University of Chicago
2009 Elhanan Helpman, Harvard University
2008 Eric Maskin, Princeton University
2007 Randall Wright, University of Pennsylvania
2006 Robert F. Engle, New York University
2005 Steven D. Levitt, University of Chicago
2004 Robert E. Lucas, University of Chicago
2003 James J. Heckman, University of Chicago
2002 Charles F. Manski, Northwestern University
2001 Bennett T. McCallum, Carnegie Mellon University
2000 Joel Mokyr, Northwestern University
1999 Robert H. Topel, University of Chicago
1998 William A Brock, University of Wisconsin
1997 Robert J. Willis, University of Michigan
1996 Morton I. Kamien, Northwestern University
1995 Michael Mussa, International Monetary Fund
1994 Robert Fogel, University of Chicago
1993 Edward Gramlich, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
1992 Sherwin Rosen, University of Chicago
1991 Douglass C. North, Washington University
1990 Thomas J. Sargent, Hoover Institution and Stanford University
1989 Robert H. Haveman, University of Wisconsin
1988 Leonid Hurwicz, University of Minnesota
1987 Donald N. McCloskey, University of Iowa
1986 Robert Eisner, Northwestern University
1985 Marcus Alexis, Northwestern University
1984 Arthur Goldberger, University of Wisconsin – Madison
1983 Robert J. Gordon, Northwestern University
1982 D. Gale Johnson, University of Chicago
1981 Gary S. Becker, University of Chicago
1980 Howard Bowen, Claremont Graduate School
1979 Arnold Harberger, University of Chicago
1978 Paul W. McCracken, University of Michigan
1977 Martin Bronfenbrenner, Duke University
1976 Warren J. Samuels, Michigan State University
1975 Harry G. Johnson, University of Chicago
1974 John F. Due, University of Ilinois
1973 Theodore W. Schultz, University of Chicago
1972 Howard R Bowen, Claremont University Center
1971 Richard A Musgrave, Harvard University
1970 Richard B. Heflebower, Northwestern University
1969 Paul H. Douglas
1968 Harry G. Johnson, University of Chicago
1967 Kenneth Boulding, University of Michigan
1966 Theodore W. Schultz, University of Chicago

Joint Luncheon Speaker – Chair alternate years with MFA

1998 Jose A. Scheinkman, University of Chicago MEA
1997 William Curt Hunter, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago MFA
1996 Steven N. Kaplan, University of Chicago MEA
1995 George J. Benston, Emory University MFA
1994 George Kaufman, Loyola University MEA
1993 Myron J. Gordon, University of Toronto MFA
1992 Robert M Solow, MIT MEA
1991 Edward J. Kane, Ohio State University MFA
1990 Lawrence Summers, Harvard University II MEA
1989 William Ford, CEO, Broadview S&L, Cleveland and Past President, Atlanta Fed
1988 Alice M Rivlin, The Brookings Institute MEA
1987 Beryl Sprinkel, President’s Council of Economic Advisors
1986 William Niskanen, CATO Institute MEA
1985 William Janklow, Governor, South Dakota

Alan E. Dillingham Lecture

1998 Robert A. Pollak, Washington University


 *C. Woody Thompson was secretary-treasurer of the Midwest Economics Association from 1939-1960 and served as president from 1960-1961. Professor Thompson had been a faculty member at the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa) faculty for 37 years prior to his death on August 30, 1962.

He served as dean of students from 1942-1947, when he was named director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the university. He was an authority on the regulation of public utilities. In addition to his duties with the MEA, Thompson was a former member of the National Resources Planning Board, past chairman of the Iowa Council of Economics Education and chairman of the Missouri Basin Research Council since its formation in 1954.

In 1965 the MEA created the C Woody Thompson Memorial Fund to finance the C. Woody Thompson Memorial Lecture.  You can donate to this fund to help continue the tradition of bringing named economists to our meeting.

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